We are proud to support and be part of a vibrant local community.

killie_dressOur Killie Dress!We created this dress out of Kilmarnock football tops and had the dress in our shop window to show our support when Killmarnock were playing in the Scottish Communities League cup. Luckily they won!

killie_pieKillie PieWe love all things Kilmarnock – especially the famous Killie Pie. Imagine our delight when we had a surprise visit for the Killie Pie himself!

mannequinsOur Talking MannequinsOur friends from Centrestage Music Theatre helped us surprise more than a few of our customers when they were our ‘talking mannequins’ for a day.

chocolateChocolate BrickWe were thrilled to be able to help support Nucoco start their new business by being part of the crowd fund project. We even got a lovely chocolate brick to prove it!

losing_groundLosing GroundWe love this local band and their passion for their home town. We love them so much that we even feature in their video!

katyKatie MurrayAs an up and coming young artist we were delighted to help sponsor Katie’s recent exhibition which is based on Kilmarnock and is entitled ‘It Isnae that bad’.

poppiesPoppiesKilmarnock’s very own secretive and elusive ‘yarn bomber’ sends these poppies to us every year. We sell them for her and all proceeds go to Poppy Scotland.

KRTAKRTA & East Ayrshire CouncilAs well as supporting lots of charities and community projects over the years we are also very passionate about our home town and the community as a whole. It has been this passion that has driven Tracy to be involved with East Ayrshire Council’s Town Centre Regeneration Liaison Group. Tracy has been a participant of this group for around 8 years now and works with the Council to help create a welcoming, safe and attractive environment for shoppers in the town. Tracy has also been a committee member of the Kilmarnock Retail Traders Association for the same length of time and this year has taken over as the chair of the committee.

You just never know what’s going to happen in Cove Boutique on any given day – from Ca’pn Jack Sparrow dropping in for a visit to our favourite Dame popping in looking for a new dress!

Here’s just a small selection of the fun and nonsense that goes on!



After foolishly photobombing us one day as we were taking our ‘Today we’re loving….’ photo Bobby, our window cleaner and well known character in Kilmarnock, became an overnight hit with our Covettes when we posted the photo on our Facebook page.

Since then we’ve had lots of fun dressing Bobby up for Christmas, Valentine’s day, Burns day etc. and we have loved Bobby Dazzler Thursdays, when Bobby has picked his favourite outfit, as much as our Covettes have. Here are just some of his best bits…










Wow, what can we say?! What a great time we had celebrating with you all on our 10th birthday! We had so much fun with you all and were completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Covettes who turned up to help us celebrate. When we first opened in 2004 we didn’t think so far ahead as 2014 but it has been a rollercoaster of a ride to get to this point and we have loved it. You have all been a great support and lots of fun over the years and have made Cove what it is today.

We have to say a massive thank you to Centrestage Music Theatre for our ‘Man in the Mirror’, how much fun was that? Also a big thanks to Steve, who was the real man in the mirror, for entertaining you all day. Thank you also to our favourite Magician Ryan Davidson – didn’t he just blow your mind? We also owe a debt of gratitude to our friends, family and colleagues in the community who continue to support us so much – you all know who you are!

It’s been a great ten years and we are looking forward to even more fun, fashion and fizz over the next ten!